Welcome, stranger!

I love to create interactive experiences merging technology with entertainment.

I graduated in Multimedia Engineering at La Salle Barcelona – Ramon Llull University.
My main areas of interest are 3D Animation, game and mobile development. I consider myself to be reliable and professional, always committed to do the best I can.

More about me

I want to re-envision how people interact with the media technologies in normal everyday life. Furthermore, I consider myself a technology enthusiast, always in touch with latest news in the mobile, media and gaming industry.
I’m an easy-going person, capable of working with groups or even manage them as a team leader.
Finally, I’m always learning to improve my skills and become a better person at the same time.

Things I Can Do

I'm always looking to improve my skills in all areas but if I have to make a list of my main skills, these would be the following ones.

  • Code: C, C++, Java, PHP, Matlab.
  • Design: Adobe Creative Suite CS5/6.
  • Web: HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL.
  • Usability: UX/UI and Accessibility skills.
  • Animation: 3D Studio Max, Mudbox & Motion Builder.
  • Motion capture: Cleaning and capturing with Vicon IQ.
  • Video editing: After Effects, Premiere, Colorista II, Mojo.
  • Digital processing: Speech recognition, 3D Audio, signal & image processing.
  • Game: Unity game engine, Android app development.
  • Languages: Native Catalan & Spanish. Advanced English (CAE).

A Few Accomplishments

Here you can see some of the projects I’ve developed over the years. From 3D Animation to mobile programming or even video editing, I’ve put all my passion and effort to create the best possible outcome for each single project.

THESIS | CHANCES: Interactive video campaign

Interactive video campaign for the Mobile CRM company Salespoint, where the viewer can choose from multiple options to experience different endings. Choose your own adventure style.

Animation Demo Reel - 3DS Max

Skills displayed:
Pose to pose animation, Character animation, Motion capture animation, Facial animation, Rigging and Skinning.

Space Arcade | Unity Game

Created using Unity 3D, Space Arcade is a top down arcade style shooter where the player becomes a spaceship that has to destroy as many asteroids as possible, before being destroyed.
Click here to play!

Spacesel | Now on Android!

An adapted version of the game Space Arcade for mobile devices with improved features is now available on Google Play.
Check it out!

Uppy, human towers builder 3D puzzle

Created in collaboration with fellow university students, Uppy is a finished 3D puzzle videogame created using the Unity Game Engine and 3DS Max.

In this game you have to create different human towers, aka. "castells" in Catalan, floor by floor in order to finish the level and advance to stages with more complicated structures.

Modeling and 3D Rendering

Experience creating 3D models based on concept and game art and UV texture mapping.
Medium composing and rendering knowledge using VRay.

Assistant developer, teaching media and materials

Developing demo applications and student instructions for developer class in Mobile Technologies (2nd year students, programme for Digital Design and Innovation, Halmstad University, Sweden).
Have developed six workshops with applications for Android phones using Android Studio (mainly) and Eclipse (partly) and written complete lab/workshop instructions for the students (in English).

Accessible and user-centered websites

Full understanding on how create user-friendly websites using UI/UX and Web design skills, such as: HTML, CSS, Javascript and MySQL.

Terra de Dracs, Java videogame using DSP, DIP & DSAP features.

Terra de Dracs is a videogame created using the Java game framework, jMonkeyEngine that features Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Digital Image Processing (DIP) and Digital Speech & Audio Processing (DSAP) modules to create an immersive experience.

Moon defense: Kinect motion based game

Moon defense is a motion based videogame created using Processing and Kinect, the motion sensing input device by Microsoft.

Its gameplay is based on launching and controlling different missiles from the surface of the moon to the incoming asteroids using your body and different hand gestures.

Contact Me

If you want to get in touch with me you can send me a message to the following email account or contact me through my LinkedIn profile.
Either case, I will try to answer as soon as possible.